Victoria, BC  Canada


Welcome to our  2024 Spring Concert

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Spring 2024

Back Row:  Janet, Ann, Lorna, Colleen, Kim, Rebekah, (Robin -absent), Linda, Janine
Middle Row:  Heather, Liz, Lesley, Cindy, Lori, Rachel, Leona, Shirley, MaryAnn, Tina
Front Row:  Lydia, Laura, Amy, Terry, Rosemary, Margaret, Lisa, Susan, Madeliene

Matthew Webster - Guitar, Kathy Russell - Accompanist, Laurie Walker - Director
Brad Hawkes - Percussion (absent from photo)


Special Thanks...

All About:

Choral Director: Laurie Walker  

Piano:  Kathy Russell

Percussion:  Brad Hawkes

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Our Special Guests : The Victoria Arion Male Choir


All about the VAMC - Victoria Arion Male Choir


Canadian Folk Tickets (VAMC), Sat, May 25, 2024 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite


Thank you John Battle – our talented and dedicated videographer who keeps outdoing himself! John films from all angles, lights, backgrounds and all, and then expertly edits our concerts for our popular YouTube Channel. (191,672+ views) John has been filming our performances at Senior homes too.  John... We appreciate you.  Thank you SO much!

Johnny B Productions - 250 818-8302

St. Andrew’s Regional High School – for generously providing us with a perfect rehearsal space every Thursday night.  We are so grateful.



Finally, thank you to our families, friends and fellow singers for attending our concerts, participating in our fundraisers, and for sharing our joy for music.  What a wonderful community to be a part of.  



 We wish you a Wonderful Spring and Summer


Next Concert: December, 2024 (NOT the same bat time or station) Stay tuned!



We rehearse Thursday evenings

New members welcome.  September 5th, 2024






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