Victoria, BC  Canada



Ongoing Fundraisers:

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 Avalon Singer Concert Tickets  (via email)


Winter Season Campaign          


We are a REGISTERED Charity at Purdy's


Buying Purdy's Chocolates from an Avalon Singer can also be accomplished online.  Please email any of us for the direct link.


Chocolates are the exact same price as at their retail locations. 

The "WOW" is that they offer a 25% bonus for non-profit's like us!  


Spring Season Campaign


We are pleased to take orders for Paradise Island Cheese

(a Nanaimo, BC company) usually just in time for Easter!


Contact a choir member to place your pre-paid order. 

$25.00 gets you a 4-pack variety box that won't disappoint. 

It has a shelf life of 6 months - but never lasts that long!









We are a REGISTERED Bottle Depot CharityReturn-It - It's Worth It


Please donate your bottle refund to Avalon Singers

at any of the three Bottle Depots in Victoria.  

We also accept bottles at every rehearsal.

Call or email for any special arrangements.  Pick Up available!

Please donate cans and bottles to the Avalon Singers


Avalon Singers Cook BookCookin’ with the Choir

Avalon Singers Cook Book:   $10.

(still available)