Victoria, BC  Canada



Percussionist:  Caleb Patstone

The Avalon Singers are thrilled to have Caleb Patstone add his talent to our concerts. 


Caleb Patstone, came to the Avalon Singers in 2019 as a grade 11 student.  He had officially been playing percussion in concert band since sixth grade.  He was auxiliary percussion in jazz bands in grades 7 through 9, and beginning in tenth grade was the lead drummer for the PCS Jazz band.  


Our percussionist, Brad Hawkes mentored that very first season and assured us we were in good hands!  

Caleb has been with us several seasons now... pre and post pandemic.  The difference percussion makes to the sound and energy of this choir is truly amazing.  It's such a privilege to have him with us and we certainly are in good hands!


Caleb is currently a creative writing student at U. Vic.   The Avalon Singers are VERY grateful for you, Caleb! 



Percussionist:  Brad Hawkes


The Avalon Singers were and are honoured to have Brad Hawkes add his incredible talent to our concerts and all those YouTube Video's.  The difference his percussion makes to the sound and to the energy of this choir is truly amazing!  It's a privilege to have him with us. He recently added his magic for us as we did our solo performance at the Arbutus 25th Anniversary Concert in 2023. And, we're thrilled that Brad is joining us again this Spring 2024 Season in Caleb's absence. Apparently, Caleb's University Education is taking presidence! :)


Brad's love of drumming started as a young lad in the 60's. He is completely self-taught... a natural!  In the 70’s he joined a rock band led by his older brother. They’d pile the gear into the van and play top gigs all around Prince George. 

Brad focused less on his drumming while establishing himself.  He married Lorraine in 1974 (50th!) and pursued his education achieving a
B.Sc. in Forestry in 1976, and a M.Sc. in 1979 from the University of Alberta.  Their children, Stephen and Sarah arrived in the early 80's.  In 1993, Brad earned a Ph.D from the University of Montana.  Dr. Brad Hawkes became an accompished and well published Scientist specializing in Fire Research and Environmental Science.

In the mid 90’s, his day job well established, Brad worked on his favourite pastime! He developed his musical repertoire playing at Mass and for a variety of musicians. Today, this prolific percussionist has been recorded on well over 60 CD’s for a number of songwriters and bands up and down Vancouver Island.  He loves all music styles: folk, country, bluegrass, celtic, jazz, rock, latin, persian, blues and (our particular favourite)...choral! Brad graciously lends his talent to many musicians.

He makes us all sound better.

Brad is well represented on YouTube and Facebook. A tiny sample:

Piece of My Heart - Sara Smith (with Brad Hawkes)

Paradise Street - Celebrate

Lonnie Glass - Not On the Menu

Brad's Journey to 70 Years Old - photos


Brad Hawkes - Percussionist